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The story of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: A Guide to the Global Business Environment: Stories when you're dead by William Kerr 0. Trade Negotiations in Agriculture: Calculating Intellectual Property Damages, ed. Anyway, all the best and thank you so much for all the hours and hours of pleasure your books have given me over the last 25 years. Love your books and have reading them as they are released ever since the Sharp novels, however the Starbuck Chronicles finishes in the middle of nowhere and I wanted to ask if you were going to write any more as there is still quite a bit of Civil War left.

I'm going to make a prediction but it isn't one I like. Here is why I think so. First, they have asked you to make a cameo appearance. Why would they do that when they are only just over half-way through this series of books? Second, I think Stephen Butchard has done an excellent job writing the scripts for TLK, but I also think he wrote himself into a bit of a corner.

The relationship between Uhtred and Alfred has been presented so powerfully, who is going to fill that void after Alfred dies? There isn't another character they can pull from that had such an important impact on Uhtred's life. Readers, of course, are still very interested in what goes on with Uhtred after Alfred, but how does the TV show replace that dynamic relationship?

Third, because I like the way the show has been written, I did a little research on Stephen Butchard to find out what other projects he has been involved with. On his CV it is listed that season 3 will have 10 episodes instead of the usual 8. In conjunction with the two thoughts above, I think the extra two episodes are going to finish Uhtred's story as far as the TV series is concerned by pulling out a few events from successive books and placing them after book 6.

It would neatly wrap up the TV version of Uhtred's life by giving the viewers what they would want: Uhtred offs his uncle and finally reclaims Bebbanburg. I will be greatly disappointed if season 3 is the last of TLK, but things are just a bit too coincidental for my liking. In the world of TV entertainment, viewers have often been greatly disappointed when a great series ends before its time. Uhtred is a very interesting character to read about, and certainly one interesting enough to watch since his character has been written so well by Mr.

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Butchard and excellently portrayed by Alexander Dreymon. You might be right, you might not be! I am a big fan of your books, especially the Sharpe series. I read through the collection in record time and fell in love with the way you develop your characters, the way you create lovable rogues is truly impressive.

Having finished Sharpe I read most of your other books before discovering Starbucks Chronicles and I was hooked, I understand that you are currently writing the Saxon series and that clashing with writing Sharpe and Starbuck at the same time meant Starbuck had to be put on hold, but I am just curious that once you have finished with Uhtreds story, will it be possible for us to see Starbuck march again? Thank you for all your work and your time. I love the characters in the books and especially Uhtred, the main character.

I was wondering if there would be a book following the Flame Bearer? If that is the case, when will it be available? I know Uhtred is now an old man but his son would also make a wonderful character for a follow up. When will the 11th book in the Saxon Chronicles be release? Have all ten books and looking forward to the next one. I was wondering, reading a response to a previous question, whether the wife Uhtred speaks of when he is old, frail and retelling his story, is in fact Mildrith.

They would still be married as you never mention them as being divorced. Is this a guess too far? Thank you for answering the question regarding Uhtred's age when he finally takes back Bebbanburg. That could cover a lot of years since in the books anyone over 40 is considered old. I suppose readers get wound up with characters, especially ones that have had more than their share of hard knocks. All Uhtred really wanted was to go home, eh? How long did it take him to achieve his dream? I guess we'll never know. Having such long stretches between seasons, as well as leaving viewers hanging, is really not the way to gain and retain viewers.

While the TV series alters your story quite a bit, it is still a gem of a TV series and has prompted many people to read all of the books in the series for a more in-depth look at the myriad of interesting characters and events. I forgot to mention that I have really enjoyed the humor in the books.

Some situations are not very PC in today's world so I suppose I shouldn't have been laughing out loud, but I did anyway. One of my favorite interactions between Uhtred and Finan I forget which book and the five things that keep a man happy. Love the interaction between those two characters. Your Saxon chronicle books are so good, I have read them multiple times.

The Flamebearer was even better - you are getting more skillful. When is the next one going to be available? Your book was good, but your Saxon books are by far your greatest gold mine for sheer reading entertainment. I have not yet read the tenth book in the Last Kingdom series Otherwise I will save 10 for a special occasion. When will the next release of the last kingdom be released? Uhtred' s story is far from complete When will you release a new book in the Saxon Chronicles? I really have enjoyed reading this series. I am a huge fan of your writing and especially the Last Kingdom Series.

Uhtred is one of my favourite characters, however I have also become a big fan of his Irish companion and friend Finan, and I was wondering whether you would be writing anything from his point of view, why he was exiled in more detail. Or more about his life before his exile? I have really enjoyed reading The Last Kingdom series and look forward to reading book I do, however, have a question. Although that isn't a big issue for me, I would like to know, how old Uhtred is, in your mind, when he finally takes back Bebbanburg in book When I read books and try to keep track, it appears they only cover about seven years of Uhtred's life , which would put him in his early 50s, but I have no real idea.

She was my favourite of Uhtred's ladies. I'm sure you get this kind of message all the time but will we be reading more of Uhtred anytime soon? Also you put a line in the book when Uhtred finds Berg and said that he doesn't know but he's just completed Alfred's dream of England. What did you mean by Berg is the completion of England? I just finished The Flamebearer today and absolutely love the Uhtred series. The church attracted wealth and wealth begets greed, and it also attracted ambitious and clever men who could not rise in the civil hierarchy which was dominated by an aristocracy but could rise within the ranks of the church.

That went on for centuries and, for all I know, still goes on. But the church also attracted men and women of humility, piety and charity, and I try to offer you some of those as well as the more colourful rogues. First, I want to thank you for your wonderful books. Uhtred my favorite is such a wonderfully flawed, noble character! Speaking of wonderfully flawed, noble characters - have you considered writing anything about Boudicca? My daughter and I both deeply admire her. As is typical of the period, we have only the brief accounts by Tacitus and Cassius Dio as somewhat contemporaneous sources.

Your dedication to research and historical accuracy in your writing is unparalleled. I'm sure it could be an interesting story, but I've too many other things on my list at the moment! I just wanted to write a quick thank you for all the amazing books you have produced. The first book I read of yours was Agincourt, I was loaned the book by my Grandmother who recently passed. Since then, I came to love the Uhtred series, reading them all back-to-back.

I then proceeded to read the Arthur books. I was also thrilled to see Uhtred make it onto our TV screens, but alas I can not explain to my brother how much better the books are- not that it hasn't brought me immense pleasure to see Uhtred in the flesh, and also to watch the series. I saw on a recent reply of yours that you have no objection to games, I wonder if you have ever played Crusader Kings 2 by Paradox Interactive? I greatly look forward to finishing the Sharpe series, but more importantly- reading the new Uhtred book which I hope comes out this year above all things else.

It is my last desire to place any sense of pressure on you as you write the novel, but I beg you to end my misery by announcing a release date soon: I believe I have a copy of every one published, mostly in paperback, I have watched and enjoyed the productions of Sharpe and of the last Kingdom.

I am a fan. And I also was born in Essex. Enough of the flattery, sincere though it is. My reason for contacting you is concerning the Oriflamme and its fate. I appreciate that there were many produced, that some were destroyed, but also surely some were captured, What happened to them? I have tried to find out bit apart from some reference to one being destroyed in the French Revolution can find no reference to any still in existence. So I write to you, on whom I place the responsibility for my curiosity, in the hope that you will be able to spare the time to satisfy it.

In any event let me pass on my sincere thanks for conjuring up Sharpe, Harper, Thomas and Uhtred as well as all the other memorable characters you have created. I know of at least two that were captured — I assume they vanished into the English court? Since I first read "The last Kingdom", I am a big fan of your work, especially of the Saxon stories and the Sharpe books.

I am working on maps and chronologies of anglo-saxon history and therefore I was very glad, how historical well researched your books are. This is also the reason, why I wanted to locate your novels in my timeline of anglo-saxon history. But, especially in the last novels, I had some trouble locating the novels exactly.

Would it be possible to help me locate your novels exactly and complete this list? Especially with the last three books I had some trouble in locating them exactly, because they have also fictional events in them. Thank you very much for answering my questions. I hope my English wasn't to bad, as I am from Switzerland. I would also like to thank you for writing this wonderful books and enriching my Bookshelf with great works. I am looking forward for the 11th book of the Saxon stories in October.

Is it at all likely that we'll get another Sharpe novel before you've finished the last of Uhtred's saga? I am an avid reader of your books and absolutely love the character Uhtred of Bebbanburg but I am also a big lover of the total war games, with the incoming release of Total War Saga: Kings of Britannia I wonder if Uhtred might have either a game of his own at some point or have a cameo in this new game that takes place during the rule of Alfred?

I don't object to video games - but I know nothing of developing them so it's up to someone else to do it! Thank you so much for sharing your extraordinary gifts with the world! Why would Uhtred marry such a woman?! I hope you will explain it soon because it seems so out of character. I'd like to say that I greatly admire, among other characters, Cnut Ranulfson.

He is Uhtred's most dangerous, competent and sort of noble opponent, who is basically sort of Uhtred on the other side. I'd like to know, whether you based him on any particular historical figure and whether there is a chance that we will get to meet his son. Love your books; they have stolen hours and hours away from many nights sleep and they were well worth it! I was having a conversation with family the other day and we were discussing the English classes from school which alleged that the colour of curtains or other things of that nature set a particular tone.

I wondered whether you ever deliberately write things of that nature into your books and when young people learn about Bernard Cornwell's books what will be the frequent methods you use to build mood into your stories? Also, if the answer above would be yes, what colour curtains would Uhtred, Sharpe or Derfel have assuming they had a sudden urge to have them! Good Lord, I have no idea! That would be a bit limiting. It never appeared in print. Just finished The Flame Bearer and have to say thank you for such an enjoyable series of books.

Any idea when the 11th will be published and have you heard anything about The Last Kingdom Series 3? I recently discovered the tv series and then the book series. After reading the 10th novel, I'm wondering if there will be any more books or was that the last we will see of Uhtred?? Hi, I'm a big fan from Brazil and I would like to know how many books will have the saga of Uhtred? My question is; is there a book following number Just wondering if you have more books in the pipeline to follow the Flame Bearer. I have found these really riveting and true to life as I would imagine it , and really want to know if Utred finally retakes Bebbanburgh.

I hope you had a great new year, and hope it will be a good year for you! I wanted to ask you in regards to Saxon Chronicles, I've got the word that the 11th book is indeed coming, but I am wondering if it will be the last. Hopefully not, as according to my calculations, Uhtred is 60 and, since he was born in AD, the 10th book was set in AD. I believe there is enough material for at least four more books. Do you plan on doing something like this in order to finish the saga? So yes, more to come! So now that Fools and Mortals is done, are you probably going to focus on Uhtred and nothing else until his story is finished?

Many of the one-off books have left me yearning for follow up like The Gallows Thief. My hope is that there will be a third series produced and Uhtred will return on screen. Can you provide hope for the New Year? I love reading all your books and have enjoyed many hours of pleasure at your hand, so thank you. After reading the Last Kingdom series I got into the BBC adaption and I was intrigued by the actors chosen to play your beloved characters. Will the series be renewed for a 3rd season?

I just have to take a moment to praise you for what I've read so far. I started with the Last Kingdom series can't wait for the next installments , moved on to the Warlord Chronicles these are my favorite so far , and now am working my way through The Grail Quest. Without doubt,your trilogy of Arthur are the finest books I have ever read and deserve to grace the big screen. So, I must know when will there be another book in the series? I need to know if he will obtain Bebbanburg!

I love you work. Your Sharpe series was the first series of books I tackled reading. I was thirteen years old. I have now completed all of the Saxon Tales, and was wondering if you planned on finishing this series, with the retaking of Bebbanburg. I am a huge fan of both the Warlord and Saxon Stories series; for me, the best things about the books are the characters and the attention to historical detail. When I came to watch the Last Kingdom, I was very impressed with the former, with the casting being excellent across the board.

Similarly, a great deal of effort had obviously been made with regard to historical details such as the use of languages similar to Old Norse on the soundtrack. This made the depiction of the Saxon shields stand out even more - shield walls play such a big part in Uhtred's story that the decision to portray the Saxons with rectangular and kite shields seemed odd. The only reason I could think for this was to provide viewers with an easy visual differentiation between Vikings and Saxons during the battle scenes.

As both a writer and a military historian, where do you stand on the balance between aesthetics and accuracy when your works are transferred to the screen? One this that has interested me as a follower of medieval history and ancient history is the heights of people in the past. Uhtred is often mentioned as being very tall and his sidekick Finan is described as more slight and I don't remember anything about Alfred's height. I was wondering how tall you envisaged each of the three.

If their heights are mentioned in the book, I apologise,. There, will that do? Have all 10 novels. History records that as William "toured" England securing the kingdom after , he "dropped" my ancestor off to guard the crossing of the River Dee in Chester. My ancestor was de Bigot which through time became John Alford Aldeford. When researching the Battle of Hastings, I was intrigued that no one of your ilk has ever attempted to enrich this important moment in history.

Just a question is all. Is The Flamebearer the final novel in the Saxon Tales series, or will there be more? There are still many questions to be asked and answered, I feel. I am enjoying these books very much, and would be sorry to see them end. When will the next book in the Last Kingdom series be released?

Looking forward to the next installment. I recently saw the second season of The Last Kingdom. After watching several episodes of the new season, I remarked to my wife something to the effect of, "This is great stuff; it's almost like a Bernard Conwell book! So over the last couple of months, everything I was reading got shoved to the back of the nightstand, and Uhtred and I have been marching all over Wessex, Mercia and now Northumbia.

But now that we're all safely ensconced in Babbenburg, I need to know how long we'll have to wait to find out what's next! I must say that after several years, it's been great jumping in to a new to me Cornwell series! It's been like gettin a visit from an old friend. Also, did much of the characters of the actors you worked with find its way into the characters of the actors in your book? Looking forward to the next instalment of Uhtred in and whatever you decide to do after that! I love reading all about Uhtred. I have read every book plus own most of the series. I also have been watching The Last Kingdom series, I was a little disappointed when they didn't say anything about the arm rings or didn't explain the naming of his sword, minor details I know but important to his story.

I would like to know if there will be an eleventh book? I have loved this story,and wait for more. Thank you for such a captivating story. Uhtred's character truly fascinate me as a conflicted warrior in such a prominent time in the history of England. You mentioned that you are planning to write 2 more books, will the end of Uhtred be the end of the saga or would you consider writing it from his son Uhtred's perspective?

Thank you for your wonderful books, they are such a joy to read. He and I are used to each other. I hope there will be more than two books! I was very interested to read of your link with Uhtred via your family surname of Oughtred. Surnames as we know them did not exist then, but personal names did.

Hussa ruled from - and then Aethelfrith of Northumbria took Bernicia and Hering was forced to flee to the Scots. So what happened to Hering? There is a story here! The personal name of Hering does occur in Icelandic sagas such as that of Grettir the Strong where he is a skilled rock climber and "Easterner". It is also possibly the origin of Harringay in London. I know Benfleet and Essex well and searched for your holed stone at Thundersley. I only found a small stone shaped like a skull, but there is a large holed standing stone at nearby Hockley. I have just finished pagan lord and am halfway through "empty throne" and i am struck by a burning question.

What happens to Uhtred's cousin and mother that he captures in the failed attempt on his bebbanburg? I have a habit of "skimming" books and I am afraid, i have missed it. Or has this not be revealed yet? Can i look forward to reading about Uhtreds last adventure. Are you gonna write another book about lord Uhtred after he and Finn took his home back I love everyone one of those ten books.

Firstly, I would like to say what a privilege and absolute joy it has been to discover your work. I first discovered you back in when the adaptation of The Last Kingdom aired. I wouldn't read the first book in the series until five or six months ago, and I regret not doing so earlier. I've not read proper in too long but now listen to audiobooks at work. In the last five months I have listened to the entire The Last Kingdom series and am currently a third of the way through Enemy of God.

In my limited experience I consider Jonathan Keeble to have no equal in audiobook narration and am pleased whenever I hear him narrate one of your books. Now as I have only read The Last Kingdom series and part of The Warlord Chronicles, I've only experience with your use of a singular first-person narrative. My first question is how do you decide on what perspective to write when you begin a story, and do you find it difficult to describe events the narrator wasn't a part of or perhaps find a way to include the narrator in a believable way? And does the same difficulty apply when characterizing the other characters in the story only using the narrator's knowledge of them?

I've also read that the only actor whose voice you picture in your head when writing a character is Sean Bean for Richard Sharpe. My last question is since The Last Kingdom programme aired, has it affected at all in subsequent books in the series? Do you now picture Alexander Dreymon when writing Uhtred? Will there be any more books in the Last Kingdom series? It would be great as I have really enjoyed reading all the books. Having about finished Uhtred's adventures I'm halfway through The Flame Bearer , I'd like to ask about your research into the different religions.

I follow the old ways and am fascinated by how much knowledge you have of the Pagan and Christian belief systems, and admire the way your characters argue one against the other in often hilarious exchanges! Were there particular parts that you enjoyed or found more interesting than others? The premise of your new book sounds fascinating but I am really waiting to find out how Utred gets his land back When can we fanatics hope to see another Last Kingdom entry. My husband and I have enjoyed reading all 10 books of your Last Kingdom series back to back and wonder if you plan another volume for Uhtred and his friends or was Flame Bearer the end?

Will there be any more books in this section? Having recently discovered the delight that is The Last Kingdom series on Audible I have galloped my way through the first four in the story of Uhtred and his adventures. I was absolutely devastated to find the perfectly chosen vocal chords of Jonathan Keeble had been replaced upon starting the fifth book and I am devastated to say it has completely ruined the experience for me. The new narrator lacks the character, performance and delivery of Keeble and it no longer feels like Uhtred is being brought to life.

Why such a drastic change in narrator, part way through the series also? And the change in how names of people and places, the lack of accents is deeply off putting after such an appropriate and colourful performance for the reading of the other novels. I'm sure you have been asked this before but I'm so interested as I adore the story and the series, and I will be persevering although unfortunately it will take me longer now as I shall have to read the books myself with Mr Keeble''s portrayal of Uhtred in my head.

So yes, back to the point, why such a drastic change? Why did no one think for consistency about accents etc? I have no involvement in the audio books - or choice of narrator - but perhaps Mr. Keeble was not available? I know your time is valuable, so I will cut to the chase. I am nearly through your Saxon series, and have purchased a hardcover copy of each of your Saxon titles to preserve for the future in my small library of useful books.

Yet as I follow Uhtred's adventures, I cannot avoid a sharp bitter-sweetness welling up in me, more bitter than sweet. My question is this: Is there a future for European history in a world where the very notion of Europe as it has been known since history began is in danger of extinction. When I refer to Europe, I am speaking of the white peoples who live there, without which there would be no Europe. I thank you for your time. I first discovered your work, less than a year ago, when I stumbled across The Warlord Chronicles which was recommended on someone's blog.

I wish I could remember who's blog so I can thank them but unfortunately it was the result of some random and now long forgotten night time surfing! I immediately enjoyed reading the story as told by Derfel and found I could connect with the character with ease. They do seem very much alike, Uhtred and Derfel and I really like the first person narrative too. Along with our neighbours over the creek in Benfleet Beamfloet we are immensely proud of our local heritage and history.

I actually walked around Canvey's sea wall, all Even though the landscape has changed beyond recognition, being able to see the very places as they were mentioned really brought the story to life, while taking my mind off of the aching in my feet. I suppose I began my research into Canvey when I was a child! We lived in Thundersley, more or less on top of Bread and Cheese hill, and from the ridge there Thundersley Glen we could look out across Benfleet and Canvey.

I have a distinct memory of the disastrous flood that struck Canvey Island. It all fascinated me! I think I remember you saying in a book that Uhtred was named after one of your ancestors; is that right? Isn't it so cool to have that genealogy? I found out a few years ago that my grandpa's bloodline connects him and us to English and German royalty! Do you know how many more you'll write? Hi, the last Kingdom book series is my favorite of all time. Will there be anymore them? I've read all If so could you let me know when?

I am in the process of reading the above book, can you advise me if this is the last of the series, from what I've read so far I hope not. I'm just wondering if there will be an 11th book in the Last Kingdom series. I've finished eight now and am starting Warriors of the Storm. I hate to think that Uhtred of Bebbanburg will be riding off into the sunset.

I was wondering when the next book is likely to be coming out as I feel Uhtred has a way to go thank you for taking the time to read this. I was wondering if the series would ever "outlive" its original protagonist? Uhtred is getting exceptionally old for this period in Britain. You have mentioned several times that this series is about the unification of England into one nation and Uhtred is just a spectator to it. If that is the case the series may become a bit stagnant if they are written from the perspective of so old an individual.

Was this foreshadowing a later, more permanent transition? When I recently re-read the series I noticed that the series has finally progressed beyond the point where Uhtred began telling his story. Now that he has regained Bebanburgh and a younger generation of Englishmen are ready to push towards unification, is he going to pass the torch on to his younger namesake?

I wish I knew. I have just finished reading The Flame Bearer and thought it was the last in the series but have just heard there is going to be another one.

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Fantastic but what is the title and when is it out? Have got all 10 in hardback and cant wait. Can you believe I am a great grandmother but I am hooke. There will be an 11th book - it will be the next book I write - hopefully ready for publication next year! I have read many of your books over the years and have always found them to be enjoyable - and informative, stimulating much further reading.

Recently, I started the Last Kingdom series and, once again, I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. It reminds me very much of a film I once saw as a child, depicting the battles between Alfred and Guthrum; all very dramatic - and didactic, with a climactic baptism scene.

Probably long forgotten now, but surely well-known 40 years ago. As a child of Dorchester, it's always lovely to read writers exploring the further reaches of Britain. However, as I read the first of these novels on my kindle, I was stuck by something. The first person narrative reminded me of something. It took a while but I began to to think of the Flashman novels.

There was an archness to the observations and an eye for detail that took me to GMF's finest creation. There was humour and irony among the usual action. The key difference is that Uhtred is heroic and decent, unlike the cowardly Flashman although that changes through GMF's novels, in my opinion, generally speaking, until the last, in which he completes an awful deed.

I was surprised, therefore, when checking back to the list of place names to keep track of where everyone is when I noticed the dedication - to George MacDonald Fraser. What a delightful homage you may know that, with the kindle, the reader is taken directly to the first page of the narrative, jumping past the earlier pages - so, one has to look for any additional content.

I don't know if you deliberately chose to write in this way, but I must say, it is marvellous. The style is a revelation. I look forward to more but I am also sure you could continue Flashman's adventures, if you don't mind me saying so your work stands alone - we all know there are more that have yet to be revealed should it be permitted.

Thank you for your work - it's been great fun since I picked up my first Sharpe novel and continues to give great enjoyment - but this is another development which I applaud heartily. I knew George well, and liked him a lot. Your standard answer to every question you receive about writing more Starbuck novels is that you hope to return to the series one day. Would you consider running a poll amongst contributors to this site to decide on your next book after the Uhtred book that is coming next? I would love to think that your fans could influence your choice.

I suspect most people would vote for more Sharpe! I'm a widow, age 68, and enjoy going to battle with Uhtred. I also love any reference to needlework in your books. In the next Uhtred book, please tell us how the women acquired their stitching tools. Did Uhtred bring his wife a packet of needles, a thimble, a pair of scissors from Frankia?

Did the women stitch ornamental work other than banners, sails, and capes? Perhaps in your research you have discovered other bits of needlework history from that period. If so, please share? He was Provost from to He was responsible for looking after the safety of the Abbey, which at the time was going through one of the usual religious to and froing between the Bishop of Durham and Archbishop of York. I'm not sure you'll be able to answer this yet, although maybe you do know the answer already.

I've just finished reading The Flame Bearer and I am wondering approximately how long it will be before the 11th book in the Last Kingdom series is released? I recently started reading the last kingdom series and read the first 3 books in a week. I just ordered the next 4. I was wondering how many books you're planning to write in this series. I want to make sure i read the whole series before i start watching the show.

Love the story of Uhtred, read every book just finished The Flame Bearer, I'm not enjoying great health and would like to know Uhtred's fate before I face my own. When will the next book be available, I'm having withdrawal symptoms. You are a gifted story teller Sir! I was looking forward to October when I expected the 11th book in the Last Kingdom series. Sadly there won't be one this year.

Will it be out next year? Best wishes,and thank you for your wonderful books. I have a bookcase full of everything you have written so far. Many visitors comment on the fact that you are the only Author on there. My reply is,that you are the only Author worth keeping,and many of them are first editions.

It will be the next book I write so, with any luck, it should be published next year. Still not sure how many books will be in this series After reading Death of Kings which features battle of Tettenhall I was most surprised in the following title to see Wodensfield described as Wednesbury. Surely Wednesfield would have been accurate? Local school near here, Wednesfield High, recently had reenactment if the Battle of Tettenhall - there is debate locally as to where battle took place - Tettenhall, Wednesfield or somewhere else.

Minor grjpe from me, but please continue your excellent series about Uhtred. My source for all those names is usually the Cambridge Dictionary of English place-names, but what you say does sound very plausible, thank you. I have just finished Flame Bearer I have absolutely loved the whole series. Is there a book to follow this one? I am waiting for the Flame Bearer to arrive. I'm hoping this is not the last Uhtred novel. What are your plans on another? I've read and enjoyed all you books and am also planning on reading the Arthur books Thank you for many hours of entertainment.

I am such a big fan of your work even though i just learned about The saxon stories in january last year, i was all ready done reading Warriors of The Storm last september waiting for The Flame Bearer in october as i read it right away. I was wondering if there will be an eleventh book in the series and if so if it too was to be released now in october? If not, how long then are we going to have to wait?

Perhaps you could too tell me if it is the plan for the tv-show to continue for the whole story with seasons for every two books as they did with the first one? There will be another book in The Last Kingdom series. It will be the next book I write, so - hopefully - it will be ready for publication in Not sure about the TV programmes yet, but we'll post that information once we learn it! Your next book, Fools and Mortals sounds really interesting. I'm looking forward to the release date. You have written about nearly every period of British History, except the Norman invasion unless I'm missing something?

Have you considered writing about that time period? This is not meant to be a book idea I read your note above. I'm just curious about what other historical periods you have considered for the setting of your books. I, for one, would be all over a book about the Norman conquest of the 11th century.

I just finished reading The Flame Bearer, and knowing that it was the last book in the series, I am already missing Uhtred. However, I did see your response to another question which stated that there will indeed be more Uhtred. Are you aware if this is a possibility? Any information on the series will be appreciated. I thought the show and casting of characters were excellent, especially the actor portraying Uhtred. I am just about to read the flame bearer and was wondering if there are going to be any more books in this series.

I have really enjoyed reading them. There will be more to Uhtred's story! I will start the 11th book of the series once the theatre season is over! I've just begun the "Last Kingdom" series and see a resemblance in the love-hate dynamic that exists between Uhtred and Alfred to that of Sharpe and Wellington.

Is this a coincidence or a theme you consciously explore? There is a certain vicarious pleasure in simultaneously tweaking and earning the respect of a celebrated historic figure. I suspect I explore it unconsciously! It certainly helps to have some tension between the main historical character Alfred, Wellington and the fictional one! Otherwise the book is likely to be hagiography.

Cennetin gozlari (tears of heaven) Ep 7 Eng Sub

I just finished reading the Flame Bearer, and I've been wondering about one thing. When Uhtred asks Hanna if she would like to marry his son, she responds "No, lord, he looks like you. I laughed out loud when I read this sentence. Was this a reference to the TV series? I always imagined Uhtred to be less pleasant looking than the actor and when I read this part, I thought to myself "we're on the same boat with Cornwell on this one".

The story behind that is that a young girl called Hannah wrote to me asking for me to be nasty to her younger brother! And I think Alexander Dreymon is terrific! I sure you get this question all the time but can't find a recent answer. Will Sharpe and Harper ever go again? I have always been a fan of Sharpe since they came out on TV, So with my new audiobook app I decided to listen to the books, it took me 30 days to listen to them all except the short stories- which I may have to actually read.

Following Devil, I felt rather dejected, observing a vacuum And will start on Copperhead tonight. Sharpe's daughter is a novel which is crying out to be written or perhaps it is just my feeling the loss of Sharpe I, having read rebel today am also curious as to when the TV adaptation will be out Keep up the good work. I would like to begin by stating my husband and I are big fans. We just finished binge reading books 5 through I love the story line, the characters, and how the story line continues from one book to the next one.

I recently finished book 10 and noticed something that bothered me. There appears to be a conflict between two of the books:. She had chosen to stay with us when I failed to capture that fortress. Her son had been with her, but Osferth had sent the boy back to his father. Mother and son had both died of a plague the year before, but inevitably men said that I had poisoned them,. He died of the sweating fever, I said, and so did thousands of other in Wessex. I hope Uhtred's story continues soon and I look forward to reading the next book in the Saxon series.

If you ever need another editor, I volunteer! You say that the device on Uhtred's banner and shield is a grey wolf's head. But as far as I can find, you no where specify what is the color of the field it is on. What color is it? I have just finished book Thank you so much BUT it cant end there, there has to be more. Uhtred is finally home, Athelstan becomes king, so much more. If it is continued in another series. I just finished the Saxon stories all ten of them , I wanted to thank you for writing such enjoyable books and I learned a lot about English history that I did not know.

I was wondering if there is any chance of the series continuing. I don't know just some ideas but I hope to see more titles like this in the future and more Uhtred s. I really love the Saxon Tales. Uhtred has become like an old friend. I have read the whole series, and can't wait for the next installment. Please tell me that there's another in the works. Also, if there is another coming, please let Jonathan Keeble narrate it. To me he really nails down Uhtred's character, and does all of the other characters very well.

I have vision problems so I pretty much listen to audio versions of books these days. I don't have a say in the choice of narrator for the audio books - but I'll pass along your request! Hello my name's David and I'm just writing to thank you for all the wonderful books you've written.

I've been reading your books for over a decade now and Sharpe, Uhtred and Derfel are to this day my favorite literary characters and they've all helped me get through some pretty tough times. I just finished re reading Sharpe eagle for the third time and I realized I've never tried to reach out to the man who birthed characters that almost feel like family at this point.

My grandmother and I had our own Cornwell book club painting a close relationship despite the distance by reading your books together and discussing our favorite parts and qualities every step of the way. Once again thank you, I hope writing these novels gave as you as much joy tenfold as they did to read. If you were to visit one battleground from Wellingtons campaign in the Peninsular where would you go?

Do you think Arthur was really a part of our history or just a myth turned conspiracy theory? I think he was real, but nothing like the myth. I suspect he was the British leader who won the Battle of Mount Badon, that he was a pagan the early church in Britain detested him and a great warlord. What he achieved, I think, was to delay the Saxon invasion of Britain for a generation and that gave rise to a myth of the golden age. I was wondering where you got your evidence that the river Tame flowed through Wednesfield and further west, through Tettenhall?

I live just North, in Cannock.

Attack of the Aztec zombies

Obviously a lot was lost when the canals came to the Midlands. Do you have any particular references to hand, as my search has proved fruitless. We my 8-year old son and budding localist like myself were dighted at the mention of Penkridge in "Pagan Lord" abd he pored over the pafes at the front if the novel that contained the Anglo Saxon place names and translations.

We were hf expecting the Staffordshire Hoard to turn up at one point, so close Uhtred was to its place of discovery. Rory, my son, was part outraged, part impressed at Uhtred's insults to the Dabes though is too well mannered to use them himself. Oh lord, I did find evidence! And my best polite wishes to Rory! I have really enjoyed all your books, and look forward to the next adventure s of Uhtred.

Also, do you intend to expand on the adventures of the Lazender clan? I am currently reading "The Picts: Covers the years about to in at the area of Scotland. This sounds like something you would might enjoy. Interested to see what you will write about next. Assuming more on Uhtred? I hope as I've grown attached to the characters.

Also any possible plans in future to cover either Roman or Greek periods? Very broad timeframes i know. Will there be more books in the Saxon Tales? I just finished book I have absolutely devoured them and now plan to reread them more slowly.

As I read them , I stop and look up history about different subjects you have in your novels. When my husband finished Agincourt, he ordered a book on the English Longbow to get a better understanding. I've enjoyed reading all of these books and am anxiously waiting for the next one. Will it be out soon? The TV series is good and I watch every show, but I much prefer to read the books. Your writing makes the characters and the story real to me..

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Is there a date to release the 11th book of The Last Kingdom Series? Thank you for your response. I am enjoying so much The Saxon Stories. So far, it is the best novel series I've read. For that, I would like to thank you for the great work you have been doing, and praise you for such a fascinating story. I just wanted to mention one thing I found divergent on the story. At Lords of the North, we have seen that Ragnar took Kjartan's life.

🏅 Book Downloadable Online Tears Of The Gods The Berkeley Chronicles Book 10 Pdf Chm Epub

He had been my true father, the Dane who have taught me to be a man, and he had died in those flames, and I always hoped he had seized his sword before he was killed so that he was in Valhalla to see when I took revenge for him by slaughtering Kjartan on a northern hilltop. I'm from germany and love all your books. Especially the Uhtred Saga. I have recognized you've stopped to tell the story as old Uhtred, telling his story to the young princess, trying to get pregnant? I'm reading my way through the Saxon Chronicles books and immensely enjoying them , but something struck me as odd in certain descriptions of shields.

Uhtred is described a few times as strapping a shield to his arm, but as far as I am aware, Viking Era shields were held by a handle on the back of the boss, not strapped to the forearm. I don't mean to nitpick. I am just curious if you perhaps know of any artifacts or accounts of strapped shields being in use by Vikings or the inhabitants of Britain in the era. Especially if they had an iron rim. Alex does a terrific job portraying Uhtred, to the point that I hear his voice when reading Uhtred's tale. I am rereading the series again He is the inspiration for this question: You have indicated that Uhtred is not retiring even though he has finally captured his home.

Once he does retire, have you considered carrying on the story with Uhtred Jr.? Peake, author of the Marching With Caesar series, did so with first the son, then the grandson, of Titus Pullus, his original protagonist, quite splendidly. I have read every fiction book you have written and greatly enjoy the Saxon Tales specifically.

It would be quite satisfying to read the culmination of Alfred's dream when Britain is united by his grandson and, I suspect, Uhtred Jr. I also suspect I am not the only fan who would enjoy reading the exploits of Uhtred Jr. Finally, thank you for providing so many hours of entertainment through the years. I look forward to Saxon Tales book Love this series but when is the next book due?? I am from Australia and love the history of the UK. I was never much for reading growing up in fact only due to living in Germany in at the age of 37 I found one of your Sharpe's books in a local library.

From that day I have read many of your books. Thank you for helping me find the joy in reading though the way you tell a story. When's the next instalment of Uhtred due for release? I have read all of these amazing books now and am left feeling that the series is yet to continue-I sincerely hope so. I read the authors note at the end of each book and at the end of Warriors of the storm the note says "He has further to go, so he will march again". Please tell me that you are currently writing another book about Uhtred and when I may be lucky enough to have a copy to read.

I am not writing it now - too busy learning lines for the summer theatre season; but it's likely to be the next book I write! Loving your Uhtred books!!!! As a Latin Americanist, I have a question about corn, mentioned in the first book. How is it possible that the Saxons were growing corn in the 9th century a plant native to the Americas. Or is this a different thing than the maize first developed by the Maya?

The English word 'corn' remember? Jesus wasn't eating maize The English call corn 'maize'. It is confusing, but don't blame the English - it IS their word, and it's a very old word, and it has a very plain meaning in their language. It's the US that has restricted the meaning to one crop. Is there anything which could drive you, to get back to Starbuck and let him march to Gettysburg?