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Get the best new trailers in under a minute, including Avengers: Endgame and " The Umbrella Academy. A seven-year-old child, his brother Billy and their depressed mother live on a farm.

Then something painful happens to the family and the kids are left to live by themselves. The struggle between two generations and its thin line between trust, friendship and betrayal. Two high-school, lesbian girlfriends deal with the intrusion of two teenage boys, jealousy, betrayal and drugs. In the Anderson family vanished from their home without a trace. No bodies were ever found. For 17 years the house has remained undisturbed Grace is still grappling with the disappearance of her daughter five years earlier.

Her husband Lukas is trapped in his own helpless grief.

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He and Grace have long since stopped communicating. As Grace confronts a series of small absurdities in her apartment building, Lukas finds himself unable to complete even the simplest of daily tasks. When something truly heartbreaking happens in a family, the deepest response is often unspoken. In this intimate and moving film, the Belgian director probes those inchoate emotions, seeking a visual language for the unsaid.

She creates a world in which small gestures can explode with meaning.

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Written by Warsaw Film Festival. She wrote and filmed her first feature length, Someone Else's Happiness, in her native Dutch. This time around, she wrote it in Dutch, but decided to film the original screenplay in French when four times Ceasar-nominated Emmanuelle Devos showed interest to the film. Emmanuelle's presence in the film is phenomenal and everyone is more than happy with that decision. The French film title she played with was "Le non-dit" but did not convey exactly the ambiguity of the concept.

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She eventually opted for the title "Unspoken" even if in English, adding another layer to the language metaphysical metamorphosis. In the end, I don't think their was much Lost in Transation to give a clien d'oeil to Sophia Coppola as the dialogue is extremely sparse in the movie. In fact, if there is one thing to take into account going into this is that this movie will seem long and heavy. The good thing is that for an attentive audience, it never gets tedious.

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The scenes build momentum not from the dialogue or the action but by an innovative combination of sly camera-work and use of space with subtle acting and directing plunging the viewer into a strange state of intellectual and emotional dreamy plane. The story is strong and deals with a couple trying to cope with the unexplained and unresolved disappearance of their teenage daughter. The primal parental emotions remind me of two great dramas, namely the American "In The Bedroom" and the Australian "Lantana".

Whereas these two exhibit exceptional directing and acting with powerful scenes, this one does not venture into the typical roller-coaster emotions and retains an austere and minimalist atmosphere throughout which works quite well for its own purpose and way of telling the story and interacting with the viewer. A few strong scenes come to mind, but again, they are not born out of dialogue or plot, but rather by meticulous hard-nosed storytelling that grips you in an unexpected way.

Troch tries an approach that literally focuses on the actors to glimpse at the inner thoughts and emotions of the two protagonists.

Most of the movie shows almost uncomfortably close close-ups that become the real language of the film. This works very well due to Troch's vision from script to film and with an intricate interplay with her actors and cinematographer. Unspoken Studio album by Unspoken.

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