You CAN Go To Church on Sunday AND Vote For Barack Obama on Tuesday

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Instead, a tie-less and visibly relaxed Obama urged Democrats to back up those concerns with action and avoid the belief that the party is bound to defeat Republicans in November.

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At one point, he turned to the crowd and declared, "Enough moping, this is a mope-free zone. And the former President even suggested to the roughly donors in attendance, who also enjoyed a performance from Christina Aguilera, that Democrats can't get fixated on the glitz and personality of politics. The fundraiser, the first Obama has done for the DNC this year, is a rare foray into electoral politics for a former president who has spent much of his time focused on two priorities: His forthcoming book, which he is writing by hand on a yellow legal pad, and The Obama Foundation, his non-profit that will eventually be housed in his Chicago library.

But Obama's message on Thursday, sitting in overstuffed armchairs across from DNC chair Tom Perez, was far more a call for Democratic self-reflection than the hope and change the launched him into the White House 10 years ago.

Barack Obama

At an event that included opening remarks from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Obama urged Democrats to not grow complacent and at times validated their fears about the last 18 months. At no point in the event did Obama actually say Trump's name. But he did sprinkle his remarks to ardent Democrats, some of whom spent thousands to see him, with plenty of knocks against the opposing party. They don't look happy at all! The fact Obama has returned to the political fight will be welcome news for Democrats who, facing what they believe to be a generational fight against Trump, have publicly pleaded with the former president to stop avoiding the day-to-day political drama.

But his tough love message to the party is likely not what those Democrats expected. Obama meeting with hopefuls to discuss party future, running in the age of Trump. Obama stays in regular contact with informal advisers and keeps tabs on the news, said one strategist close to him, but he has avoided weighing in on a host of issues, despite the calls for his involvement. A host of Democrats said that the former president has signaled to top lawmakers and operatives that he will be stepping up his involvement in the midterms soon and is telling friends and advisers that his priorities are flipping the House and backing up redistricting efforts led by former Attorney General Eric Holder's National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

Obama's midterm strategy is not yet fully formed and his top advisers are still plotting the role he hopes to play the election.


And while his message is a work in progress, Obama will likely urge Democrats to keep up the momentum they have shown over the last 18 months. Obama acknowledged that Democrats are still searching for a message in the midterms and took a stab at a message of his own. Obama argued on Thursday that the divide in America is a split between "a fundamental contrast of how we view the world and what is going on right now" and that America is "seeing the consequences of what happens when one vision is realized, or at least is in charge.

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Obama's visit to California was part of a broader fundraising swing to the state. The trip will also benefit Obama's growing post-presidency foundation, with the former President meeting with prospective donors to his foundation. Democrats close to Obama describe him as very hands on with the library, including everything from programing, outreach to the Chicago community and the library's architectural planning -- a reflection of the fact that the former President once pined to be an architect.

Obama regularly meets with the architects for hours, one of his advisers said, and they often bring in design models for him to look over, causing the meetings to go on far longer than their allotted time.

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Bottoms earned a huge reaction from the crowd as she took the stage just after 5: And he gave me a really big smile—you know the one we all miss seeing every day? Only we can do that. Abrams, too, encouraged supporters to do whatever it takes to get their fellow Georgians to the polls.

Obama offers Democrats tough love ahead of midterms: 'Enough moping' - CNNPolitics

I need you to call the people you owe money to. When the former president finally took the stage just after 7: The consequences of any of us staying home are profound. He said he was stunned by a controversial Kemp quote from leaked audio during a Buckhead campaign event that made national headlines after it was published in Rolling Stone on October What kind of politics do we want?

You and your vote. With each new step we take in the direction of fairness and justice and equality and opportunity, hope starts to spread. Make history here in Georgia.

'Things can get worse': Barack Obama encourages Americans to vote in 2018 midterm elections