Helping Teens Work Through Grief

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Using a clear and accessible format, Fitzgerald guides teens through everything from the sickbed to the funeral, from the first day back at school to the first anniversary of the death. Above all, she lets teens know that even in their darkest hour, they are not alone. Harvey and his little brother are on their way home after playing in the slushy streets of early spring, when they discover their father has died of a heart attack.

Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens: When you're a teen, the death of someone you love can be especially difficult. Being a teen is hard enough; being a grieving teen can feel completely overwhelming. This book was written to help you understand and deal with your unique grief. It gives you lots of really simple, practical ideas and suggested activities. Flip to any page and help yourself on your journey through grief today. Because loss is such a big part of everyone's life, it's important to understand the normal feelings, thoughts, and behaviors associated with grief and to know how to take care of yourself in the healing process.

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Knowing what to expect makes the experience less scary and increases the likelihood of getting through loss without unnecessary pain. At the center of it all, loss is about feelings, complicated feelings.

How to Find Help Treating a Grief Management Problem

This book, any book, is a guide, a map to help you find your way through difficult emotional territory. Her brother Devon has always been there to help her make sense of the world. Now Devon is gone and so Caitlin turns to what she knows best — textbooks and dictionaries — and discovers she has the power to heal within herself. Out of the Shadows: Includes organizations, websites, facts about suicide.

When Someone You Love Dies. Teenagers experience loss in all kinds of ways and like everyone else, they struggle to come to terms with their shock and grief.

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This book is full of great tips, stories and gentle advice to help teens navigate their personal experience of loss. Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers: If you are a teenager whose friend or relative has died, this book was written for you. Teens, Loss, and Grief: Teens, Loss, and Grief is a self-help guide for teenagers who are experiencing a bereavement and the emotional difficulties it presents. There are currently no reviews Be the first to review. The second edition of Helping Teens Work Through Grief provides a more complete and updated manual for facilitators of teen grief groups.

It includes additional background information about developmental aspects of teens, the process of grief, aspects of trauma and its effects on teens, the value of a group, determining the group-appropriateness of particular teens, and parental involvement.

Helping Teens Work Through Grief

Our customers have not yet reviewed this title. Be the first add your own review for this title. Sign in to My Account. This can cause the person to close off and fall deeper into his or her own grief. Instead of offering actual advice about getting better, it might be wise to offer educational books, resources and information about support groups that specialize in prolonged grief.


Young adults and teens are already hard enough to talk to at times, but approaching them about grief can be very difficult. Teenagers and young adults can feel invisible or forgotten during a time of grief, especially if the person lost was a parent. This is because much of the attention is placed on the spouse suffering the loss of his or her spouse. Teens need sympathetic listeners during times of grief. Once you have, or your loved one has, been diagnosed, a number of methods can be used to manage grief. According to Clinical Challenges, the most important thing you can do to cope with your grief is to rely on the emotional support of friends and family.

Letting others know you need support during this difficult time can reduce the emotional distress prolonged grief can bring to your daily routine.

How to comfort a grieving teen: Bridget Park at TEDxUniversityofNevada

Allowing others to help you get through the daily routine can give your mind more time to process the emotional ramifications of a significant loss. Another way you can cope with grief is by joining a grief support group. Grief can leave you feeling hopeless without a solution in sight, but a number of medical treatments can help you work through your prolonged grief.

You can choose from psychotherapy, prescription medications or a variety of other options designed to help those suffering from complicated grief. Oftentimes, it depends on how the person chooses to manage their prolonged grief symptoms. According to WebMD, medication works well for the first few weeks or even months of complicated grief, but only as an aid to help carry on in daily life. Doctors or therapists might prescribe anti-anxiety and anti-depression prescriptions for coping with the funeral or separation and the period directly following the loss.

The most productive form of treatment for prolonged grief is therapy. The Mayo Clinic suggests that psychotherapy similar to that used with post-traumatic stress disorder patients works best as it teaches patients to cope with their emotions and learn their grief triggers.

Helping a Teenager Deal with Grief

Moreover, therapists work to reestablish life goals and direct grief sufferers into understanding the purpose of life outside of other people. If you or someone you know is suffering from prolonged grief, a therapist can help you to understand your loss and teach you how to cope with grief in a productive way, helping you until the grief no longer negatively affects your life. Grief treatments can be found online or in your region. Just remember, the best step you can take to manage grief is to establish an emotional support team and get in touch with a therapist or support group to help you manage your symptoms.

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