The Last Bush Pilots

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The enter twining of the characters emotions, along with their passion of flying made this book great to read. I loved the continued support of the team of pilots held for each other, and even though there were some personal problems, they put them aside to help each other. This book was fun to read, with a nice mixture of humor and suspense. I will continue to read more of Eric Auxier's books.

Thank you Eric for writing a good book! Oct 04, Dmitry Druzhinin rated it really liked it. Aside from the cheesy love story part, when I personally was about to close it for good, the rest is really enthralling. If you're amongst those who can't look up in the sky without spotting a plane or two, and the words like VFR or cloud base have sacred meaning to you - go for it, you'll love this book!

If you're not - perhaps you will be after reading it.. Oct 31, Dennis rated it really liked it. I give this book a solid 4. It was a great read and kept me turning the pages. You could tell that the author was a pilot.

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I would highly recommend this book! Jeannie Weekley rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Maurice Azurdia rated it it was amazing Sep 27, Ian Ferguson rated it liked it Jun 08, Norman LaBelle rated it it was amazing Sep 07, Squillace rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Russell Albert Gay Jr rated it liked it Sep 26, Glenn Dube rated it really liked it Aug 24, Jonathan Dowell rated it really liked it Mar 22, Barbara Garrett rated it really liked it Jul 17, Robyn Leonard rated it it was amazing Sep 22, Craig rated it liked it Sep 30, Andrew Wall rated it it was amazing Oct 14, Federico rated it it was amazing Sep 28, Martin rated it really liked it Jul 27, Merry rated it liked it Dec 18, Marcia Andre rated it really liked it Jul 27, Harold Gruen rated it it was amazing Jan 19, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Mike became a professional pilot, starting his 50 year career in aviation with a pilot's license, an old plane and a dream. From shuttling skydivers in a Twin Beech 18 to flying the Douglas DC-8, follow Mike's adventure-filled journey from plane to plane and around the world. This is an action-packed, true adventure book that spans 35 years of airline flying.

There are stories about transporting guns to Biafra in order to help the Independent Nigerians, flying cargo up and down the Berlin Air Corridor during the Cold War, as well as missions deep into Russia.

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Many of the stories in this book will put you on the edge of your seat; for example, when the author is forced to make a death-defying landing of a four-engine jetliner in total fog. Over 12, helicopters were used in the Vietnam War, which is why it became known as "The Helicopter War". Almost half of the helicopters, 5,, were lost.

The Last Bush Pilots | Adventures of Cap'n Aux

This memoir describes first-hand the harrowing experiences of helicopter pilots and crews in combat operations, from the far South to the DMZ, including the infamous Ashau Valley, Hamburger Hill, LZ Airborne, and others. Don't worry about your tray table and seat back for this one. Forget what you've been told about the romantic notion of the airline business. It's not like what you've seen in the movies. Buckle your seat belt and join Captain Kimber C. Turner for a flight over a thirty year career of ups and downs in aviation.

Few perspectives epitomize the sheer drama and sacrifice of combat more perfectly than those of the fighter pilots of World War II. As romanticized as any soldier in history, the World War II fighter pilot was viewed as larger than life: In the plus years since the Allied victory, stories of these pilots' heroics have never been in short supply.

But what about their adversaries - the highly skilled German aviators who pushed the Allies to the very brink of defeat? Squawk is a first-hand account of author Peter Buffington's experiences as a commercial airline pilot and the journey he took to reach his childhood dream. Buckle your seatbelt and prepare for an eye-opening, turbulent ride into the world of aviation from the pilot's seat. From student pilot at age 15, to flight instructor, to nighttime cargo pilot, and finally as first officer aboard the ATR 72 turboprop airliners island hopping the Caribbean, Squawk is a riveting aviation adventure.

In , Norman Hanson learned to fly the Royal Navy's newest fighter: Fast, rugged, and demanding to fly, it was an intimidating machine. But in the hands of its young Fleet Air Arm pilots, it also proved to be a lethal weapon. Facing a desperate and determined enemy, Kamikaze attacks, and the ever-present dangers of flying off a pitching carrier deck, death was never far away.

A series of short stories that illustrate the life and work for an American Bush Pilot flying for a Humanitarian organization in remote and rustic Southern Guyana. Life is an adventure; life in the sky, exponentially so. Airline pilot-author-blogger Eric "Cap'n Aux" Auxier has done it all. Also included are several unpublished works, guest stories from fellow pilot-authors and other gems. His battalion was one of the most decorated units of the Vietnam War, and helped redefine modern warfare.

Johnson's riveting memoir takes us into key battles and rescue missions, including those for Hue and Khe Sanh. In harrowing detail, he tells of being shot down in the battle of A Shau Valley, of surviving enemy attacks during the Tet Offensive, and of a death-defying nighttime river rescue.

Airpower, combined with nuclear weapons, offered a formidable check on Soviet aggression. In , the United States Air Force was established. Meanwhile, scientists and engineers were pioneering a revolutionary new type of aircraft which could do what no other machine had ever done: Led by legendary army pilot Claire Chennault, these men left behind an America still at peace in the summer of using false identities to travel across the Pacific to a run-down airbase in the jungles of Burma.

In the wake of the disaster at Pearl Harbor this motley crew was the first group of Americans to take on the Japanese in combat, shooting down hundreds of Japanese aircraft in the skies over Burma, Thailand, and China. In this fascinating book, she recounts her 10 best - in the process, she reminds all pilots why we fly. Written with Lane's trademark style and sense of wonder about the world she experiences and explores, and filled with insight about the emotions and life lessons flying evokes, it's ideal for both pilots and non-pilots. Between the world wars, no sport was more popular, or more dangerous, than airplane racing.

Thousands of fans flocked to multi-day events, and cities vied with one another to host them. The pilots themselves were hailed as dashing heroes who cheerfully stared death in the face. Fly Girls recounts how a cadre of women banded together to break the original glass ceiling: Author, airline captain, and popular blogger capnaux. Exhilarating flying, tall tales, and larger-than-life characters abound in a wild land that truly is America's Last Frontier.


The author paints pictures with words that are every bit as beautiful and moving as anything ever drawn or photographed. There is risk, there is danger, there is love, and yes there is death. This is the frontier, and if you have a spark of adventure left, you can still see yourself as a modern day Tom or Becky. A page-turning adventure novel, where surviving is only half the battle.

The Last Bush Pilots

Berry, airline pilot-author, 13, Feet. Captain Auxier takes you into another world—one that he has lived. The place were pilots are born, and many have died. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.