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British informal a moment or instant.

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Tick size is usually 0. Word origin of 'tick'. British , Informal moment; instant. Informal to function characteristically or well ; operate ; work. Chiefly British to mark or check off an item on a list, etc. Example sentences containing 'tick' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.

Last night it finally arrived with time ticking away and the extra period looming. The Sun But she knows the clock is ticking. The Sun But say you do find a person who ticks all the boxes. Times, Sunday Times It just ticks all the boxes. Times, Sunday Times The reality is that this is becoming more true as the clock ticks towards May.

Times, Sunday Times They are just a floating storage system for traders and companies that are waiting for cheap crude oil prices to tick up before they sell. Times, Sunday Times My biological clock is ticking.

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The Sun What a lot of them are doing is just ticking a box for their ego. Times, Sunday Times They seemed to be about ticking boxes. Times, Sunday Times You have a new understanding of what makes people tick.

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The Sun Towards the end he is simply ticking off a list of product launches and medical problems. Times, Sunday Times The musical brain does indeed tick away in mysterious ways. Times, Sunday Times The clock ticks into another news cycle. Times, Sunday Times Please tick this box if you would prefer not to receive these offers.

Times, Sunday Times Think about it for two ticks and it will make sense. Times, Sunday Times Can a watch tick all the boxes? The Sun They just put a tick in a box and they alter your life. Times, Sunday Times Tick the ones who you think will positively encourage you to change your behaviour and life. The Sun Ministers should observe the lights turning amber if more than four or five boxes are ticked.

Times, Sunday Times Often it has been all about ticking boxes. Times, Sunday Times You can see what really makes people tick. The Sun Make it more fun by printing off a tick list from nature detectives. The Sun The clock ticked away and still no sign.


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