The Flower & The Fable

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Unfortunately, unlike the keys and the gnomes, the number of flowers in each region does not appear on the world map so keep track! From the Demon Door, head left up the hill. On the right just before the post is the green flower.

Flower Fables

Hop over, and check behind the statue for the purple flower. After having passed under the arch going from the Auroran side to the Shadelight side, stick to the right.

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Coming from the Auroran side, stick to the left of the desert. Sandfall Palace As you descend the first set of stairs look for a patch of sand on your right.

Sandfall Palace When you reach your first fork in the road, take the stairs on your left down to the beach and nab this flower. Then why dost thou take with such discontent The loving gift which he to thee hath sent?

Flower Fables by Louisa May Alcott: The Flower's Lesson

For the cool fresh dew will render thee far More lovely and sweet than the brightest star; They were made for Heaven, and can never come to shine Like the fire-fly thou hast in that foolish breast of thine. O my foolish little bud, do listen to thy mother; Care only for true beauty, and seek for no other.

There will be grief and trouble in that wilful little heart; Unfold thy leaves, my daughter, and let the fly depart. When the sun came up, she saw with grief The blooming of her sister bud leaf by leaf. While she, once as fair and bright as the rest, Hung her weary head down on her wounded breast.

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Bright grew the sunshine, and the soft summer air Was filled with the music of flowers singing there; But faint grew the little bud with thirst and pain, And longed for the cool dew; but now 't was in vain. Then bitterly she wept for her folly and pride, As drooping she stood by her fair sister's side.

Auroran Flowers

Then the rose mother leaned the weary little head On her bosom to rest, and tenderly she said: The loving Father sends the sunshine and the shower, That thou mayst become a perfect little flower;-- The sweet dews to feed thee, the soft wind to cheer, And the earth as a pleasant home, while thou art dwelling here. Then shouldst thou not be grateful for all this kindly care, And strive to keep thyself most innocent and fair?

Then seek, my little blossom, to win humility; Be fair without, be pure within, and thou wilt happy be.